Sep 16

Big Beauty

It’s been a busy period, at work, private. Next monday I will start with a new job in another town. Waking up early I still have to practice. Driving in the car every day to another town to work too, but I’m really looking forward and feel good to start a new thing. After 6 years work for one location and the ICT departement of our very big school, I am finally switching to another. Even though it’s something completely else and I will be surrounded by young students, and I expect it to be quite busy. Guess I will still sometimes feel like updating my blog. Bye for now. The theme of illo friday is change…well I should be inpired…later perhaps



  1. avatar Jolie says:

    Oh wow, gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe job!! ik hoop dat je tijd houdt voor je illustraties en foto’s!

  2. avatar Marion says:

    Heb wisselende roosters en denk het wel!

  3. Alle Succes gewenst in je nieuwe baan!

  4. avatar SmaRts says:

    Heel veel succes met je nieuwe werk!

  5. avatar Marion says:

    Dankje! Gister was het wel wennen af en toe, maar vandaag zijn de ll. erg braaf aan het werk…(afkloppen).


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