Sep 19

Illustration Friday: Change

Just for fun. I asked van Gogh and he didn’t mind.

Update: While searching pics from van Gogh on the web today I was totally surprised by this photo I found: Van Gogh like I've never seen him!

Never seen it before. I have a lot of books and encyclopedia about Vincent can Gogh, but this very good photo is absolutely unknown and real I think. Very beautiful!



  1. avatar garth says:

    Wow, that is so good! What a fun illo! Yeah, I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded one bit!

  2. avatar marion says:

    Well….it was more a joke actually but I’m glad you can appreciate it:-)

  3. avatar Michelle says:

    I agree with Garth, your changes are great. I like the African song too.

  4. avatar scribblesk says:

    Lots of fun and beautifully done!

  5. African Song is ook mooi

  6. avatar Marion says:

    Thanks everyone!


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