Jul 03

Illustration Friday: Twist..

and twirl….abstract image created in Illustrator CS. Have a nice week!

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  1. avatar Tina Vaziri says:

    Very pretty designs, reminds me of playing with my old Spirograph!

  2. avatar Marion says:

    Thank you! It is also a sort of spirograph trick as a matter of fact:-) Really funny to play with.

  3. avatar Rachel says:

    Hey, this is really beautiful, what did you use to make illustrator do that?

  4. avatar Marion says:

    Well I’ve learned it by an online tutorial and then practized a lot. But unfortunately I’ve lost the link to the website were it was. They had lots of great tutorials online…I tried to find it back in my favs…but no succes so far….:-(

  5. avatar nancy says:

    Wow…super groovy!

  6. avatar Michelle says:

    What a lovely design with pretty colours.

  7. avatar Jolie says:

    Aaaaah hij is prachtig! Ik wil ook Illustrator CS :-)! (een extra reden om nooit meer naar de tandarts te gaan, dan kan ik m tenminste eindelijk kopen ;-])

  8. How fun is this??? I like your abstract take on this!

  9. avatar Marion says:

    Thank you very much everyone!
    (@Jolie: je kunt hem via mij eh…snappu).

  10. avatar SmaRts says:

    Wat een mooie illustratie zeg!

  11. avatar Jolie says:

    Lief idee Marion! :-) Ergste is: Edwin heeft m al….. grrrrr.. maar ik heb een mac…. ;-( Na de verhuizing..

  12. avatar Peter Franken says:

    Hardstikke Mooi!


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