Aug 07

Illustration Friday: Missing

(Or the story of the stolen trousers-Hahaha:-) Other comments are also here



  1. avatar Marta says:

    Missing? Ah! I found it. Your yellow character is missing his clothes (though not his equipment). A cheery scene.

  2. avatar ksklein says:

    beautiful and colorful. love that you didn´t use black for the outlines.

    i´m looking for someone to exhange portraits with. in case you are interested please leave me a comment.

  3. avatar zari says:

    this is so cute and funny…lovely characters and colors!
    thanks for commenting on my post :)

  4. avatar Marion says:

    Glad you like it…thanks! I was a bit silly when I made it:-)

  5. avatar luci says:

    Hehehe. I love the vibrant and cheerful color, and those trouserless bunch! Very whimsical.

  6. avatar Jolie says:

    Ja, ze zijn heel leuk! Ze doen me denken aan een andere plaat, die ik (hier dus) zo snel niet kan terugvinden – het is vast een goed teken: connectie, consistentie in je stijl :-)


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