Mar 22


Big feet on the wall;-)

For this weeks Illustration Friday!



  1. Great idea! looks cute too :)

  2. avatar bubblegum says:

    pink is a great colour and your illo has made me smile!

  3. avatar Bron Smith says:

    Very clever idea, mixing fact with fantasy.

  4. avatar Kathryn says:

    Super mixed-media piece. Love the pleased expression and stance and the hot pink feet

  5. avatar Marion says:

    Good the read all the comments, thanks a lot!

  6. avatar georg says:

    Little, wonderful drawing – I like it!

  7. avatar Michelle says:

    Such a great concept, very nicely done!

  8. avatar Lori Witzel says:

    Thanks for coming by and admiring Grendel — tracked back and saw your Feet and love the concept!!!

    Nicely done.


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