POEF HET BLAUWE POESJE - Puff the blue kitten  /auteur:  PIERRE PROBST

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Puff the blue kitten

(site and translation by mion.nl)

not the best translation but hey..I'm Dutch;-)

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This is Puff. Puff is very vain. He thinks he's the prettiest kitten in the whole world. He can sit in the mirror for hours, to enjoy his own image.
"Oh, oh, how pretty am I" Puff sighs..
He's very proud of his shining white fur, his green eyes and his small pink nose.(2)
Puff couldn't only be the prettiest, but also the happiest kitten in the whole world. Whole day long he's lying in his warm basket en he's spoilt with the most delicious snacks.
Dishes with creamy milk, strawberries and whipped cream and sugar with the most tastful cakes.
Nonetheless Puff doesn't feel happy at all.
Do you know why?(3)
Puff is bored! No one wants to play with Puff!
That's his own fault. He never wants to share his
tasty snacks with someone else.
If someone comes too close to his little dish with milk
he stretches his claws immediately.
"Do you want to play with me little Gnawer?"Puff asks the mouse.
But the little Gnawer pretends as if he doesn't see Puff and
keeps reading his book.(4)
"Do you want to be my friend Robin?" Puff asks.
"Tweet..tweet..tweet...no I don't want it!"says Robin
and he flies away whistling. (5)

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Suddenly Puff sees a big pot of blue paint.
"I have a good idea!" he shouts "What if I change myself
so that little Gnawer and Robin don't recognize me at all?"
This way said this way done!
There goes Puff. 
First his hind legs disappear in the pot of paint
than his belly and than he got a ducking!(6)
A last silly tumble. The pot with paint rolls over and what do we see?
Walking through the garden is the prettiest blue kitten we've ever seen in our lives.
I don't think there's anyone that recognizes Puff now.(7)
With that funny blue kitten Gnawer and Robin do want to play.
They sing a happy song together.
The blue kitten is playing the harp and singing
"Meow meow I am so pretty blue right neow"
And little Gnawer sings:"Peep peep peep perhaps
the kittens name is Meep!
"Tweet tweet tweet, that little blue cat is oh so sweet"
the Robin sings lustily.(8)
Then suddenly something really terrible happens!
Thick clouds above their heads and suddenly a raindrop falls from the sky. And two drops and three drops...ten drops! A shower of rain!
"We must hide as soon as possible" the Robin shouts,"otherwise we'll catch a cold."
"Yes we'll do.... otherwise we'll get the flue,"says little Gnawer.(9)
Little Gnawer isn't afraid of a few drops of water and he runs
home as fast as possible.
"Wait a moment,"he says,"I'll be back in a minute. I'll get my umbrella,
my friends!"
Puff and the Robin hide themselves under a chair, but it's not very dry
"I hope little Gnawer returns soon,"Puff thinks afraid, "because
otherwise...."  (10)

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What does little Gnawer see when he returns?
What a fright!
The sweet blue kitten is almost completely white again! (11)

"Do you see that, little Gnawer?"chirps the Robin,
"we've been cheated!That blue kitten was no one else but Puff!"
Angry the little bird flies away.
"Puff?" shouts the little Gnawer, "then I'll rush away.
I don't want to play with that greedy cat".
And he runs off as fast as his little legs can carry him.(12)

Puff stays behind all alone with the red umbrella.
Thick blue tears trickle down his cheeks when he sees his friends disappear.
Puff never felt sad like this before.
Just when he has found such a nice playfellows there comes such a downpour that destroys all the fun.(13)

 On top of the garden wall a wise old cat is washing himself.
It's Grey, Puff's grandfather.
"Do you know what I'll do?"Puff says"I'll ask
grandfather for some advise"(14)

"You must learn to share your best snacks
with others Puff" Grandfather says.
"And you musn't always stretch your claws if someone comes close to you. If you are kind to
others, they will be kind to you.
You'll see than everyone wants to be your friend!" (15)

pb16.jpg (727418 bytes)16 That has been a good lesson to Puff.
Little Gnawer and the Robin have become his best friends.
And...they stayed like that forever!