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Illustrationfriday: Sorry


This weekend and sunday I’ve been drawing. Yesterday evening I had a lovely evening, at Mrs. de B.’s house. She’s a Dutch artist, I was invited with my mother. There were also 2 other visitors (very funny conversations). I had to defeat a very heavy persistent rain on the motorway, to go to the place where my mother and Mrs. de B. live. We had a splendid dinner. Mrs. de B’s husband H. died a few months after my father in dec. 2002. My father had a painting of H. in his bedroom. We didn’t have a lot of contact during years, since I was a student. I know them since my brother was their eldest sons best friend. But my fathers death and H.’s has meant a new start for the contact. They both, G. en H. have made fantastic paintings, also G. makes very lovely small bronze sculptures, my mother has bought one of her paintings lately. Next friday I am going back for a painting, that her husband has made. I will show it here, if I can make a good photo of it. It is with a sort of abstract butterfly on it. Lovely colours and so on. I am planning to invest some of my savings in art, since it is a good thing to buy. Since I am thinking a lot of perhaps going to work again as a pianoteacher, or teaching again, or being creative otherwise, it was very inspiring evening.(She’s not very happy with computers and always says it’s unbelievable that I don’t do anything with my piano or music anymore…since I am qualified to teach and so on). Also I feel that drawing digitally is something that has dominated making real drawings and stuff. So I try to draw and paint again. For real, not on the pc. I’ve done too much at the pc, and I don’t like it anymore. Difficult, but it’s a good way to find out what I really want with the rest of my life(…). On the photo: “still-life with sketchbook and photobook” The photobook on it is of Diana Blok (watch her site: lovely work). Bye! Have a nice week.