Illustration Friday: Sprout

My mother is a good cook so since
I was young I like sprouts!
(You musn’t boil them too long
and than add a little butter and
nutmeg on it…really very tasty!)

16 observations on “Illustration Friday: Sprout
  1. avatar Marion

    😀 It’s a sort of vector experiment…my first vector I like actually….I prefer mixed or older medium;-)

  2. avatar Jolie

    Het is weer een heel lief leuk plaatje, -mooi, die patronen in deze illustratie, en wat Peter zegt, een placemat, of op een melamine-serviesje ofzo!

  3. avatar Michelle

    Hi Marion, Great take on the topic but I have to admit after being forced to eat them as a child I cannot bring myself to cook them. Hey, I looked at your photos just before and they are beautiful, you are taking some amazing pictures.


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