Poef en Zwartje

Dit boek raakte me diep toen ik 7 was. Gemaakt door Pierre Probst.

This book touched me deeply when I was young.
So I scanned it to share it with you.
I got the book of Poef and Zwartje (Puff and Inky/Pouf et Noiraud) when I was 7.
It is made by Pierre Probst.Our first young dog ate the lower right corner!
From the 3 stories in it this was my favorite one: Poef het blauwe poesje/Puff the blue kitten.

I still love it. Enjoy it!
To see all the scans and read the story visit my webpage:

5 observations on “Poef en Zwartje
  1. avatar Susan Goewey

    THANK YOU so much for scanning and translating Puff the Blue Kitten! My sister and I loved that book in our youth when we lived in Arlington, Virginia .. I was in kindergarten and she was in 2nd grade when we first red it… but our copy had the last 2 pages missing; so we never knew how it turned out or what happened after Puff talked to Grandfather! And now we do, thanks to you! 🙂 Yay, you!

    But the book touched us too, poor Puff, no one would play with her once the blue paint washed off. The author sure wrapped it up fast with those 2 final paragraphs, but I’m glad he let the mouse and bird forgive Puff and they became the best of friends.

    I love happy endings!


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