For IF: In an awful hurry I made this
speedy rabbit.
No time but wanted to make
something with speed. So to all illustrators at IF:
slow down! Have a nice week.

11 observations on “Speed
  1. avatar Marion

    To all:Thank you!
    @Michelle, I did some layering and had a tv shot from a rabbit, that I used as a preview. But the feet and ears didn’t turn out well and I corrected it by hand the way I thought it should be.

  2. avatar Kaya

    This is a lovely bunny – so happy and expressive! There’s something to be said for a speedy drawing if you end up with this!

  3. avatar Marion


    @Jolie: verschillende progs, Adobe Photoshop, PSP, Illustrator etc.
    Maar eerst denk ik altijd lang na over wat ik wil maken, en dan schets ik gewoon in potlood of met stift.


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