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A lot op people see technology as high tech.
But it can also refer to other, or older things.
For instant, when you go back in time, the
technology of a musical instrument and development
of it, was a subject of great discussion, investigation and
technical invention.
I took a photo of my piano, since it reflects centuries
of technology to become what it is nowadays.
Also to be a pianist I had to develop my
technique very much.
You can see the mechanism of the piano inside
has suffered a little.

Deep Blue

Weer een heel fijne film voor de natuurdocumentaire liefhebber: Deep Blue (2004). Verbaas me over de prachtige opnames, gemaakt tot -4500 meter onder het wateroppervlak. Extreme opnames soms. Ik kon het niet nalaten wat shots ervan te nemen. Fijn cadeautje voor het weekend toch?

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